How to use the site

step-by-step how to use our site

Connect to your wallet

clicking the Connect Wallet and there will be a popup for you to choose

My Assets

see all your token balances.

  • your BNB token

  • your custom tokens.

Ranking Statistic Farming

Show daily active users of the Jediyield

Dashboard BSC Farm

  • list all rewards from several farms in one page

  • with the price list too

Venus Protocol

  • show complex view of the Venus Protocol

Anchor Protocol

  • show the details of Anchor Protocol. E.g., UST-ANC LP and its rewards.

My Farm

  • details of your farm

    • price and its graph

    • platform

    • reward

  • You can

    • stake (clicking plus button)

    • unstake (clicking minus button)

    • harvest

    • remove liquidity (on some pools)

  • On the pool that allow the pool removal

    • Remove liquidity

    • Specify the amount

    • Approve


PRO tips

Revoke is around $0.11 per transaction. It is better if you just create a new address and move your coins there.

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