Actual roadmap has more details than this. We cannot say everything. Some killing features are in the work!

Phase I - Complete the paper work — Prep talk

(estimated finished time: End of April 2021)
  • Partner with Apeswap for IAO (821.30% of target)
  • Complete the IAO process and start providing liquidity pool in the form of BNB
  • Vault tokens as stated in tokenomic to solidify our long term commitment .(See Token Locked Vault for details)
  • Portfolio Value notification would be added for Pro-Users to email inbox. (Pancakeswap supports)
  • Portfolio Value notification will be supported via Line platform and Telegram.
  • List on coingecko

Phase 2 - Polish the interface

(estimated finished time: End of June 2021)
  • Redesign UI/UX to bring out the best experience for all users. We will develop an on-going redesigning process. And will be open to any suggestions from the community. Every users, including free and pro, will receive the full benefit from new interface. (First Beta usage at May 8)
  • List on coinmarketcap.
  • Add "Harvest All" feature for Pro Access (2000 JDI token Holders)
  • Codechange from fellow Yield Farm
  • Codechange notification will be supported via Line platform and Telegram right after tested.

Phase 3 - Take off

(estimated finished time: End of August 2021)
Once we have our UI and UX fixed, we will begin expanding into more markets.We will start to market and partner with other platforms.
  • List on a CEX.
  • We will support Trust Wallet and other popular connections.
  • Add a PRO feature, “Withdraw All” feature.
  • Expand into other networks ie ETH, DOT, ADA
  • Add Portfolio Tracking Feature for free users. Farms Tracking for Premium - users

Phase 4 - Last Resort of the DeFi Farming world

(estimated finished time: End of September 2021)
  • Introduce "Certified by JDI". Each farming site on the JDIyield will have a badge. With badges, you can feel safe farming that site.
  • Periodic surprised events for JDI holders
May the force be with you