Actual roadmap has more details than this. We cannot say everything. Some killing features are in the work!

Phase I - Complete the paper work — Prep talk

(estimated finished time: End of April 2021)

Phase 2 - Polish the interface

(estimated finished time: End of June 2021)

Phase 3 - Take off

(estimated finished time: End of August 2021)

Once we have our UI and UX fixed, we will begin expanding into more markets.We will start to market and partner with other platforms.

  • List on a CEX.

  • We will support Trust Wallet and other popular connections.

  • Add a PRO feature, “Withdraw All” feature.

  • Expand into other networks ie ETH, DOT, ADA

  • Add Portfolio Tracking Feature for free users. Farms Tracking for Premium - users

Phase 4 - Last Resort of the DeFi Farming world

(estimated finished time: End of September 2021)

  • Introduce "Certified by JDI". Each farming site on the JDIyield will have a badge. With badges, you can feel safe farming that site.

  • Periodic surprised events for JDI holders

May the force be with you

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