⭐️ Roadmap

Defi moves rapidly and expeditious. When it comes to adapting to the market expectations, we intend to be in the first and foremost, through the tasks that are in no particular orders.

DONE (as promised)

  • Partner with Apeswap for IAO (821.30% of target)
  • Complete the IAO process and start providing liquidity pool in the form of BNB
  • Vault tokens as stated in tokenomic to solidify our long term commitment .(See Token Locked Vault for details)
  • List on coingecko
  • Redesign UI/UX to bring out the best experience for all users. We will develop an on-going redesigning process. And will be open to any suggestions from the community. Every users, including free and pro, will receive the full benefit from new interface.
  • List on coinmarketcap

DONE (added features)

  • Support Trust Wallet
  • Suport Wallet Connect
  • Use as an App (Progressive Web App)
  • Add Token to Metamask
  • Watchlist
  • Show Impermanent Loss
  • Added Watch wallet
  • Partner with various platforms
  • Mechanism to burn JDI (DINOP)
  • DINOPARK Profile Integration
  • Increase in JDI Utilities
  • Autorefresh
  • Inline token graph
  • Applied for CMC
  • Support Polygon (MATIC)
  • Support ETH
  • Show ROI
  • Multi-Wallet Tracking
  • Support Multi-Currency
  • Custom Farms
  • Remove/add LP on the site
  • Watch NFT on various sites
  • bridge page
  • Code change notification
  • Portfolio Tracking
  • List on CEXs if possible

Holders' benefit

  • Weekly burn from DINOP's activity
  • Various activities on DINOPARK Platform (Increase JDI Utilities) https://www.dinopark.fun/
  • JDI Voting


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