Features - Basic

Basic Version Feature Set

Core features

Stake, unstake, withdraw or remove liquidity on over 40 sites, with an ongoing updates. See up-to-date list on https://www.jdiyield.com/supports

Portfolio Monitoring

  • Current value of

    • Tokens in your wallet

    • Farms in your address

    • LP in your address

  • See price graph in the site

  • Claim your rewards on the jdiyield site

  • NFTs on the supported sites

  • Multi currency supports

Wallet Profiles

Do you have more than one address? You can add/remove your addresses and monitor them all in a page.

Revoke Token Approvals

Farming in multiple sites requires approvals. Approvals to some contracts may result in your wallets get stolen. You can revoke the approval on your concerned sites


Users with JDI-BNB can let us compound on the site


Users can vote with JDI on our site direction. Latest vote is about our pro feature subscription

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