Features - PRO version

PRO Version Feature Set
  • Harvest All” button. No more clicking “Harvest” on each site.

  • Codechange alert. Surely, they say there is a time lock but how do you know when they change things?

  • Portfolio value notification. Have your values reported right in your favorite chat apps. Be it Line, email, telegram, etc.

  • One click “Withdraw All”. When there are fishy things happening, you come and have a click, all your funds are SAFU.

  • Certified by JDI. We will do some preliminary specific checks on each site and put badges on whether these sites are less likely to be fraudulent. Still, DYOR is necessary.

  • More features to come!

First PRO Feature

(updated at 2021-04-04)

We are introducing the first PRO feature.

  • Update Portfolio Summary Daily to your email

    • For example,

      • CAKE-BNB $502

      • USDT-BNB $400

      • Total $902

  • BONUS: free CAKE airdrop to those who hold 2000 JDI tokens for a week

  • We tracked since you first registered our demo! Better be hurry

Why cake you ask? Pancake swap was the first platform we supported.